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Casting Call for “Pneuma”

Earth Orbit Productions is casting for a full-length feature film entitled Pneuma set to shoot in April or May.  The film is low-budget and set entirely in one location with (primarily) two actors.

Pneuma revolves around Jonathan Hale, a skinhead who committed a hate crime and was then attacked, consequently losing his memory.  The film takes place after the attack, as Dr. Erin Sandstone, a neuropsychologist, works to see if he is fit to stand trial.  She must determine if he truly has lost his memory, and if so, begin treatment to help him restore it.  The film explores the concept of nature vs. nurture and asks the question: if your memories are gone, can you reinvent yourself as a new person?

Please send a headshot(s), resume and imdb/demo reel links (if available), along with the name of the role you are applying for, by email.  Prior experience (especially on stage) is strongly preferred but not required.

Earth Orbit Productions is looking to fill the following roles:

Jonathan Hale, Male, White, late 20s to 40s (must be willing to buzz hair to about 1/2 inch length):  Jonathan is a clean slate.  At first.  He doesn’t even remember his wife and child.  His first memory is waking up in hospital a couple weeks ago.  Horrified by what he’s done, and the person he supposedly used to be, Jonathan has decided to reinvent himself.  This notion is constantly at conflict with the fact that he must be held responsible for his previous actions.

Dr. Erin Sandstone, Female, White, 30s.  Erin has spent most of her adult life in university.  She’s only been practicing as a (neuro)psychologist for a couple years so she is green and eager to prove herself.  She’s also an optimist and eager to help even though she despises what Jonathan has done.  She took the high-profile case when many of her peers didn’t want the risk of ending their career with a misdiagnosis.

Melissa Hale, Female, White, 30s .  Melissa loathes Jonathan and probably has for a long time.  She’s uneducated, selfish, and may even be more than a little racist.  She has been able to forgive Jonathan’s indiscretions in the past, but now he’s been caught and it has affected the rest of her life.  That she can’t forgive.  She’s a firecracker waiting for a chance to go off.

Corrections Officer, Male, White, 30s-40s.  A small but important role with only a few lines of dialogue.  Featured in the climatic scene.


Please send all applications to: casting (at)