Relapse Underway

Finally, upon the successful completion of White Knight, I have begun work on my first feature film, Relapse.

The film is drawn from an idea that’s more than ten years old. I completed two drafts of a screenplay at that time and for some reason just couldn’t make it work. The idea has been with me for so long that I decided it’s time to bring it back to the forefront. To do so, I’ve scrapped everything that was done previously, and taken it completely back to square one. Relapse is the story of a man named James Callahan, a schizophrenic, who has been thrust into the middle of a supernatural battle between good and evil.

I intend it to be a deeply personal tale with a vivid visual flare that provides a unique atmosphere for the film.

Over the last six months, I have been reading and researching as much as I could take in. Some of the titles I read over the last six month includes: The Bible, Paradise Lost, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Celtic Twilight, Four Quartets, In the Shadow of the Sword, Inferno, The Eden Express and many more, including countless websites on psychosis, the battle between good and evil, religious history and anything else that seemed applicable. I’ve compiled my notes from all the research and since September, have begun writing a treatment for the film. In fact, to make sure I get the right feel, I am compiling three treatments to the film, each of which come at the subject area from a different angle. In the last week, one of those three has begun to establish itself as having the most potential, and I have been working on it in all my spare time to flesh it out.

Although this film still has a number of potential paths it could take, I believe everything is starting to take shape, and that’s an exciting time as a writer. There’s still a huge amount of work to do, and a huge amount of rewriting on the horizon, but one thing has become quite clear. My next film is underway.